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About ASPE-Evolve

Our training is built on the fact that today's businesses need fully realized knowledge workers. Knowledge workers are "T-Shaped" professionals. They possess both deep technical expertise for their job role, as well as a wide range of other skills including communication, scheduling, financial competency, time management, negotiation and people management, to name a few. It is this breadth of skills that create the top of the "T," while the body of the "T" consists of the depth of their technical, or job role, skills.

ASPE-Evolve is the latest addition to the ASPE, Inc. family of companies, one of the nation's leading training companies. While our other divisions develop the technical expertise of workers, the courses within ASPE-Evolve help knowledge workers develop the breadth of skills they need to execute and deliver within the complexities and rigor of today's business climate. By maximizing and empowering your most important business asset -- your human capital -- you can unlock the untapped competitive advantage you already have in your own organization. We're proud to be more than just a training firm -- we're a partner that delivers the complete ability to build your own well-developed knowledge workers.

The T-Shaped Professional

T-shaped Professional

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